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Why Your Food Business Needs a Commercial Dishwasher

Why Your Food Business Needs a Commercial Dishwasher

Many people are opting to get involved in the food industry as a retirement plan, a way to supplement their income or as a full-time job that celebrates their passion for food. Whether they opt to open a food truck, a healthy meal prep service, a cafe or pub, food service businesses can all benefit from a commercial dishwasher.

If you’re considering opening a food business, you should invest in a commercial dishwasher. Here are some of the ways this borderline magical appliance can help you succeed.

Time Savings

If you have any experience in the marketing world or health and wellness industry, you may have heard the term “opportunity cost.” Your opportunity cost speaks to the tasks you sacrifice completing to do something else, asking you to put a price tag on your time.

For example, as a business owner, you may be capable of doing your taxes yourself. However, for the time it will take you away from other important business endeavors, it may be worth spending the money to have someone else do it. If you open a food business, particularly one with limited employees, having a commercial dishwasher means you aren’t spending time scrubbing dishes while customers are lined up or at the end of a busy workday.

Labor Costs

If you have a small food business, you may not be able to afford a dishwasher or “prep” person. This means that you need to be able to quickly wash dishes to the standards required by your local health board.

Alternatively, paying someone to wash dishes by hand will ultimately take longer than having someone load and unload a dishwasher. Rather than paying for eight hours of scrubbing, you may only have to pay for four or five during a busy shift. Additionally, rather than hiring two separate people to handle dishwashing and food prep assistance, you can hire one person to handle both– there’s an opportunity cost equation you can solve pretty quickly.

High Traffic Capabilities

According to the experts at Norris, one of the main differences between a commercial dishwasher and a household dishwasher is the capability for handling more dishes in the long run. Your household dishwasher isn’t built to be going all day every day and will wear out quickly if you try to use it in a food business setting.

Commercial dishwashers not only power wash a load of dishes in a quick few minutes, but they also hold more dishes per load than a household dishwasher. While the upfront costs may be substantially higher than they are with a household dishwasher, using the right tool for the job will cost less in maintenance and replacement fees.


If you use a household dishwasher, you’re probably used to the routine of having to scrape and rinse your dishes before putting them in the machine. While a preliminary rinse and scrape will also help maintain the longevity of your commercial dishwasher, the sprayers can handle a lot more leftovers than a household appliance.

Commercial dishwashers are built to handle excess grease and tough residue. They also use specialized detergent to ensure that dishes are clean and sterile. The number of dishes that come out the other side with residue is substantially less in a commercial dishwasher than it is in a household dishwasher, even if your bestselling dish is a baked lasagne.

Change Your Cost Savings Plan

There are plenty of ways to save money when deciding to start your own food business, regardless of which approach you take. As with building a home, you want to be sure that you aren’t cutting the wrong costs and inconveniencing yourself to the point of failure.

Work with suppliers to obtain cheaper food, plan wisely to reduce labor costs, and employ whatever other cost savings you need to to make your business work. However, don’t cut out the necessities, like the cleanliness and convenience you’ll get from using a commercial dishwasher.

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