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Is It Really Time to Repair the Roof?

Is It Really Time to Repair the Roof?

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Roofs are such an important part of a house that we traditionally use the phrase “having a roof over our head” to signify the very concept of home itself. If something is seriously wrong with your roof, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible, and failing to do so in time could even turn out to be catastrophic. But how do you know if it really is time to repair that roof? The signs are quite easy to read, fortunately, once you know what you are looking for exactly.

Shingle Problems

Not every time a shingle becomes dirty or dark do you need to call in the roofing experts for a full-scale review and repair, but if too many of them begin to show similar signs as mentioned below, you should start considering putting that call into the roofers as soon as possible.

Bent and Cracked Shingles

Bent and cracked shingles are a clear sign that the time to replace them is here. Even just a few shingles that are damaged may hamper the overall external décor of the property, but when they begin to appear in clusters, it is time to consider replacing the entire external roofing, as it is only a matter of time before even more of these begin to appear.

Absent Shingles

Crooked looking split shingles are pretty much the last sign you will see before they actually begin to disappear, at which stage, it’s not exactly a sign anymore, but your roofing has already started to disappear, quite literally!

Some Shingles are Darker than the Rest

When a cluster or a patch of shingles appear darker and wetter than the rest, it means that these shingles are holding water and, therefore, might either need to be replaced or reset.

Black Granules in the Gutter

In case you are seeing a lot of black sand-like granules in the roof gutter lately, then it is likely that the house has shingles made out of composite or asphalt, and they are in the advanced stages of being worn out.

Sagging Roof

Ideally, the deck of the roof should always appear straight, but when it starts sagging, that is very bad news and requires immediate repair. Check in the attic for droopy decks, most often accompanied by signs of moisture and water damage. Call Honey-Doers if you are in Minneapolis as they can quickly handle most home remodeling and repair needs with unmatched professionalism, backed up by experience that stretches over two decades in the state.

Your costs for repairing a sagging roof will depend on how bad the damage is and how far it has spread. At the early stages and in small areas, the cost should be more manageable, but if it looks like the damage is extensive, replacing the entire deck might be a possibility that you need to financially and mentally prepare yourself for.

Remember that water (including snow and ice) is the most threatening natural enemy of the roof and, therefore, any sign that shows water damage might be the reason behind that dark spot on the deck or the paint that is peeling off is a sign of impending danger. Always get these checked by experts as soon as you see them because water damage almost always is much worse inside than it looks from the outside.

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