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Scrapbooking 101: How to Use Vellum on Your Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbooking 101: How to Use Vellum on Your Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbooking is an old decorating hobby that is still very much enjoyed today by folks young and old. It can be a documenting activity using photos and other memorabilia or a crafting project dedicated to a loved one or an event in your life. Some people create scrapbooks with stories on each page to journal tales and to preserve memories creatively.

Vellum is a kind of paper normally used for creative arts, including scrapbooking. In the past, vellum or parchment is used strictly for writing purposes and made of dried calf skin. The vellum paper we know today is translucent and sort of plasticized, which makes it a versatile craft paper that can be used for many things.

Print or Write on It

Take advantage of translucent vellum sheets by printing or writing on them for decoration. The sheet can be used as a background for photos or even other decors.

You can choose to print on vellum on your own using a word processing program or by going to a print shop. If you’re a skilled calligrapher, you can opt to do it by hand as well.

Use It like a Photo Filter

Add dimension or a new visual interest in your photos by adding vellum to it. Putting a sheet or two on top of a photo can re-create an Instagram-like photo filter. This works great if the theme of your scrapbook is old-timey or simulating an older period.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Another way to add dimension to your scrapbook memories is by layering vellum and paper. Since the paper is translucent, you can add as many as you want to tone down too-colorful parts or to make another section pop. Think of vellum as a real-life opacity tool that you can add or reduce depending on how much paper you use.

Make Paper Cutouts

Vellum can be used like any other craft paper. You can use it to make small paper cutouts either by freehand or by using decorative paper punches in stars, circles, and other shapes. Feel free to pair it with other kinds of colorful paper and/or layer it with them.

Trace on It

Since vellum is translucent, you can see outlines of photos and other pictures easily, so you can actually use it as a tracing paper. Before tracing, make sure that you trace on the smoother side of the paper. You can use crayons, markers, pencil, or whatever you feel like using.

When you plan to use a pencil, make sure to test different kinds of it on the paper. Depending on what effect you want, you may want to do trial and error as to the thinness or thickness of the lines you want to draw. Take care not to get trace marks everywhere by using another paper or tissue to cover areas where your hand will be resting on, or your hard work will be ruined.

Make Vellum Flowers

If you’re good with your hands and some instruction, you can use vellum to make decorative paper flowers for your scrapbook. You can mold it in the shape of your favorite flower, like peonies or roses. The finished products can be used as borders in pictures or little snippets or on the cover of the scrapbook itself.

Make a Pocket

Scrapbooks don’t only hold memories and photos; they can also be used to literally hold on to other memorabilia, like brochures, by using pockets. There are empty premade scrapbooks that already come with pockets, but in case yours doesn’t have one, you can make one out of vellum. The great thing about using translucent paper is that you can see what is on the inside without having to fumble or taking it out.

More Tips on Using Vellum

There are many ways you can attach vellum, and the most popular one is using glue. It may take some time for the liquid glue to dry; which is why most scrapbookers opt to use plain glue stick because it doesn’t disfigure the vellum as well. If you ever do have some creases resulting in putting too much glue, you can remedy that by using stickers or other embellishments.

You can directly stitch the vellum to attach it to a scrapbook page. If you’re using decorative ribbons and laces, you can also use eyelets. Buttons, beads, and staples are good options to fasten the decorative paper.

Things to Remember

When cutting or working with vellum in general, it is important that your tools, like scissors and punchers, are sharp. The paper may be translucent, but it is thick and heavy unlike most kinds of paper.

If you don’t like to make your tools dull, you can tear the paper to create a softer look. Crumpling, folding, and creasing it works as well.

Do you have tips and tricks on how to use vellum for scrapbooking? Leave your suggestions and comments on the section below.

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