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Make a Wish Card Design Ideas

Make a Wish Card Design Ideas

Make a Wish Card Design Ideas

Just thought I’d share yet another cute card duo that my mom created.  This time, she kept it simplistic and I really think it worked!  :)  While the phrase “Make a Wish” may be implied that this is a birthday card, you could totally use this as just a “Thinking of You” card!  Sometimes it’s just fun to fine cute styles of paper to match the card to.  :)  I love looking at patterns on scrapbook paper and seeing what sort of scrap embellishments that you have lying around that you could match with it!  Here we have two different types of paper designs, which actually looks like these are two different card designs!  I totally loved how they turned out! Simplistic, but definitely too cute for words!  She just used some paper doilies along with some matching ribbon and BAM…you have a great card that will make anyone happy to receive in the mail!  :)

Definitely a neat way to use up a bunch of scraps that are just lying around!  Basically, no fancy smancy cutting machines were used to make these two card designs!  Sometimes those are the BEST cards to give and receive!  Nothing fancy, all about love!

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