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Tips for Organizing a Shared Bathroom

Tips for Organizing a Shared Bathroom

In a perfect world, you don’t have to share a bathroom with other people. No roommates need you to speed up your shower, or if you live with your significant other, you each have your own designated bathroom.

Unfortunately for most of us, it’s not a perfect world, and we often do have to share bathrooms with other people. We may even have to share a bathroom with several other people, and it might not be big to begin with.

Luckily, there are some solutions and tips you can follow to at least make it more manageable to share a bathroom.

Use Wall Space

When we’re searching for extra storage space in a bathroom, shared or otherwise, we often neglect a key area: the walls. There is probably plenty of unused wall space in your bathroom, so take advantage of it. You can add floating shelves, over-the-toilet storage, and you can even use things like mason jars mounted to wood to separate and organize smaller items like q-tips and cotton balls.

When you use wall space, you’re using less counter space, which will give your bathroom a less cluttered look and feel.

Also, make sure you’re using the wall space of your shower as well, with hanging organizers.

Label Everything

If you share a bathroom and have lots of items, make sure you label everything. That not just keeps it organized and easy to find, but it also makes sure that everyone you’re sharing with knows how to put things back in their place. You might have bins labeled for men’s grooming products, women’s products, shared products, etc.

It will make cleanup a lot easier for everyone if there are labels.

Add A Rod to The Back of the Shower

If you have a lot of things in your shower, such as loofahs, toys, washcloths and anything else, hang an additional shower rod along the back wall of your shower.

This is a great place to hang these items and keep them out of the shower itself, and it’s also a good drying rack, so things don’t mildew.

Do a Quick Clean Everyday

Of course, you’re not going to scrub your bathroom every day, but doing a quick once-over every time you use it, or at least once a day can keep things neat and tidy. Dirtiness and messes can quickly build in a bathroom when it’s shared by multiple people.

Make sure you put everything back where it belongs, wipe down the sink and clean off the mirror. You can also use shower spray that’s designed to keep the shower clean after every use.

You might also want to create a cleaning schedule every week where you can trade off tasks with the person you’re sharing with to make sure they get done.

Finally, when you’re sharing a bathroom, particularly if it’s a small space, consider using a leaning shelving option such as a ladder with shelves that are like trays. This looks stylish and also maximizes the space you have available.


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