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Learn about Athletic Junction Events

Athletic Junction Events

An innovative online ticketing website known as Athletic Junction Events has been launched to improve the experience for student, athletes, parents, and fans alike attending school events. The website is for buying and marketing tickets to numerous college events throughout the year as well as promenade, homecoming, sports events, graduation etc. The corporation was based by former division one and professional athletes.  Their mantra is Embrace Your Journey with Athletic Junction “Where Life & Motion Meet”.  They also provide Inspirational fan attire for every sports team and school store.

Athletic Junction Events allows for purchasing tickets through its web service and is also available on iOS Apple and Android.  Users find and choose their school’s event. From there, they will be able to safely and securely purchase tickets. They then receive a QR barcode which can be printed, texted, or emailed to their kid for admission. The event organizer scans the QR barcode for guest entry. They will also be able to  purchase promotional spirit gear for his or her school’s event while buying their pass.

Key Benefits:

  • Free & Generates Revenue
  • Online buying with a credit card eliminates the transfer of money between parent and student
  • Safe and secure payment platform provided by the best level of encoding technology
  • Paperless choice has been a resolution to lost or purloined tickets
  • QR barcode and scanner cuts down on entry lines 
  • Online store for promotions and advertising comes with every school’s event
  • Google map of event location and directions
  • Personal dashboard with a social media aspect for users to follow their favorite schools and sports teams to view future and past events
  • Easier for event coordinators to manage sales, ticket inventory, and customer info

A compatible scanning application has additionally been launched called Events Smarter for event managers hosting social and corporate events. The website and application were designed and developed to enhance the branding experience of all event hosts.

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