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5 Ways to Love Your Unwanted Gifts

5 Ways to Love Your Unwanted Gifts

5 Ways to Love Your Unwanted Gifts

How many unwanted gifts are sitting in your home right now? We are guessing a few. However, instead of leaving the item in a drawer or cupboard to gather dust, you can turn unwanted presents into an item you will love, and here’s how.

Exchange Gift Cards

Loved ones often turn to gift cards when they do not know what to buy a person or if they have had little time to purchase a present. Unfortunately, this can sometimes result in providing a person with a gift card they do not really need or want. However, instead of leaving it to gather dust in a drawer, you can take it to EJ Gift Cards, because they will accept gift card voucher numbers and reimburse you with a monetary sum via PayPal.

Sell the Items on Auction Websites

Auction websites, such as eBay, provide the perfect place to sell an unwanted item, because people will bid on a product until the auction closes and you have a winner. All you need to do is sign-up as a seller, add a photo and description of the item and wait for people to start bidding. Once the auction is over, you simply send the unwanted item to the auction winner and the money will be waiting for you in the bank.

Swap with a Friend

The chances are your friend has unwanted gifts in their home, too, so why not ask if they have any products they would be happy to swap with you.  While you might detest the woollen scarf your great aunt bought you, it may perfectly complement a friend’s style. So, do not allow the gift to go to waste and see if you can both enjoy a present exchange. It will feel just like Christmas!

Pass on the Present

You know the old saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Well, why not pass on an unwanted gift to someone who would love it? If your best friend’s birthday is coming up, or you know a colleague would love the item for Secret Santa, keep the present to one side and give it to them on the day. You will save money and it will ensure the item does not go to waste. Just be careful not to pass the gift back to the person who originally gave it to you, because that would be quite awkward.


Have you got a gift you can repurpose? For example, if you have received a candle with an aroma you would not like to spread across your home, you can melt down the candle and change the smell using various essential oils. Once you have achieved the perfect aroma, you can add in a candle wick and add the hot wax back into the jar to solidify. You can also give a boring jumper the wow factor or provide a new lease of life to boring furniture with chalk paint. Pinterest can often be a great website for upcycling inspiration.

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