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6 Ways to Cut the Cost of a Short City Break

We all love heading off on holiday, but sadly the costs can sometimes rack up and make things extortionate. If you’re wanting to get away, but concerned about how much it may hurt your finances, follow our advice for cheaper travel. Here are six ways to cut the costs when it comes to a short city break.

Travel in quiet periods

Naturally, some airlines will have cheaper prices on flights which travel at times of the year where it’s colder in the country you’re coming from. Most companies will offer the least expensive (low season) flights during their winter months.

Take advantage of this by taking a trip to somewhere where it’ll be hot during that period. For example, if you’re from the UK and want cheap February flights, you’d be wise to take a trip to somewhere like Australia – where they’re experiencing the height of their summer weather.

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Haggle down prices

If you’re at a city street market where the vendor sets their own prices, you’d be smart to try and haggle to lower the prices as much as you can. While this won’t work in established chain supermarkets, you can save a pretty penny by negotiating with local sellers.

Bartering isn’t an easy process if you’re new to it, but you’ll be able to work out how to haggle so long as you use some common sense. One useful tip is to start at a price which is ridiculously low and then go from there. Theoretically, your initial starting price will be so low your eventual deal will be a bargain.

Don’t settle on a price

Settling for the first price you’re offered is a guaranteed way of losing out on some hard-earned cash. Do you research and use price comparison websites to discover how much you’ll be expecting to pay on the likes of flights and accommodation.

By comparing costs, you should be able to find a deal which ultimately helps to save you money in the long-term. It’s not just the basic necessities which you can save on however, with the likes of currency exchange rates also able to be analysed and exploited.

Go to free attractions

There are plenty of perfectly fun attractions which are also totally free to try out. London is a city which serves a prime example of this, with lots of museums and other spots of global interest not asking you to pay a penny to check them out.

You’ll be able to find spots like this all over the world, in every major city. Remember – just because you’re on holiday it doesn’t mean you have to fork out a shedload of money to have a good time when you’re out and about.

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Hidden costs  

A lot of payments are glaringly obvious. We all know we’re going to have to fork out some dough for accommodation and travel, but there are also hidden costs which need to be taken into consideration before any adventure.

Even simple things like caring for your cherished pets can see prices rack up, with the average cost of a cattery and kennel in the UK reaching as high as £8 and £13 respectively.  Vaccinations might also be another expenditure you hadn’t considered, as well as the price of having to organise getting a visa.

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Pre-plan your budget 

Even if your trip is a short one, it’s still worth setting yourself something of a budget when it comes to how much you’re willing to spend. After all, this will have the biggest say for your total spending.

Set yourself a limit of how much you’re willing to pay and then ensure you don’t go above this price range. If you cap yourself like this, you’ll be able to guarantee you don’t ever go above a certain price when it comes to how much money is coming out of your account.

Follow these six useful titbits of advice to make sure you cut the costs on your next city break. Taking heed of our suggestions could see you saving a fair amount of cash in the long-term.

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