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Killing Kennedy movie review

Killing Kennedy

I still blame my teacher in High School who taught me all about the Kennedy Assassination for my slight addiction to anything Kennedy.  Honestly.  This teacher spent weeks on this time of our History in which we ended up creating a model of the assassination  (in which I ended up winning a contest for) to show how it all took place.  Ever since that class that all I do is watch shows, movies, etc. on the life and dead of President Kennedy.

While I have not read the book, I watched this movie a couple of weeks ago that was based on the book that Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard wrote.  This movie is a shocking thriller starring Rob Lowe and Ginnifer Goodwin as John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy.  The movie shows what it took Kennedy to become the U.S. president as well as a former Marine who grows disillusioned with America; when their paths ultimately cross, the course of history is changed forever.

Most of the movies that I have seen before never really discuss Oswald and what really happened to him, until now.  I may even change your opinion of him and the things that he was famous for doing.

With it being the 50th anniversary of Kennedy, this movie is definitely worth checking out!  Lowe plays an amazing JFK as does Goodwin with her performance as Jackie!

Killing Kennedy

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