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Which Flower is Right for Your Valentine

Which Flower is Right for Your ValentineImage: GH

Valentine’s Day has many theoretical origins and customs. From festivals to Saints, there is a plethora of lore and enchantment that revolve around this special day. It is the one day you can see love both floating in the air and in your charming neighborhood flower shop window. Flowers are the quintessential symbol of emotions. The natural poetry seems to blossom in each petal, delivering a message without saying a word. Valentines Day and Flowers dance hand in hand as if choreographed by Cupid himself. Gardens around the globe offer a wide variety of floral options which may leave you wondering which Flower will best portray your thoughts on Valentines Day. There are many aspects to consider that will help you decide which Flower is Right for Your Valentine.  We have collaborated eight of the top Valentines Day Flowers and what they traditionally represent.  Whether you are ready to dance the Tango or are starting in the two-step phase, this guide will help you convey the right melody while dancing to your own beat.

Flowers are beautiful in all sizes and colors. A singular flower holds the same amount of magic as a floral bouquet. Traditionally speaking, the hue of a flower holds a special meaning. From Eternal Love to endearing friendships, the color of a flower has its own representation.  In the following one stop guide to Valentines Day Flowers, you will learn all you need to know to picking a thoughtful gift and gesture that will make your day unforgettable.

The Colors of Love and Friendship

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  • Red –  The universal color of Love and admiration. Bold yet romantic, Red Flowers definitely make a grand statement. Lighter to darker shades are varied on preference, however they say the deeper red shades represent a deeper Love.
  • Pink –  A pretty hue that can represent vibrant and happy thoughts. Graceful kindness and Love of all kinds are found within its tone. This color can be used romantically or as a signature of an ever-caring nature.
  • White – White shades are a symbol for reverence and respect. Admiring innocence with a pure heart is the theme of these gorgeous flowers. White can signify true Love all the way to “thinking of you notations.”
  • Yellow – Stands for friendship and Joy. The color that is most associated with sunlight and a bright disposition.  Mostly used for friendship and apologetic scenarios, Yellow gives a positive vibe to any scenario.
  • Lavender – Soft and delicate, with a silky elegance that announces an old-world charm. Fragrant and soft, these Flowers are thoughtfully genuine.
  • Orange – Energetic and Exciting is an emboldened tone. The deep and thoughtful color inspires anticipation with an enlivened sense.

The Flower Connection

Now that we have an understanding of the colorful meanings behind the flower, let us take a look at the character of the kind of flower.

  • Roses – Of course, Roses are at the top of the list. They are the symbol of both Love and Valentines Day. Like a timeless novel, the reputation of a rose precedes itself with a gorgeous and undeniable appeal. Roses are classically romantic with air of nostalgia.
  • Camellia – These dainty yet beautiful flowers are sided with destiny. Hope for tomorrow and trust in today are the carpe diem of these floral touches that make a perfect addition to your Valentines Day. They are elegant and full of promise.
  • Lavender – Fills the air with fragrant possibilities. A charming arrangement of Lavender is romantic while they sing of devotion. Lavender can stand alone or mingles nicely in a bouquet of other florals.
  • Peonies – Romantic and lovely, Peonies are a lavish statement. These flowers have a poetic side that is both thoughtful and chic. They have a Victorian element to them that create a charming essence.

Which Flower is Right for Your ValentineImage: DansPapers

  • Tulips – Simply stated, these floral gems will declare your feelings. The color of the Tulip will announce just what those feelings are. They are the honest beauty of a romantic moment.
  • Violets – Delightful groupings of Violet represent a deeper meaning of devotion. The image of faithfulness and truth are chivalrously charismatic.
  • Jasmine – Generally found in white, the message is clear. The sweet side of romance is set with a delicious fragrance that will set the mood for the evening.
  • Carnations – These pretty flowers have earned a bad rep through the years. Contrary to popular belief, Carnations represent Love, admiration, gratitude and honor. They are long lasting and a wonderful way to display the color of your thoughts.

Last but Not Least

Which Flower is Right for Your ValentineImage: Pics

The next and final step to choosing the right Valentines Day Flower is quick and simple. The art of romance is to put your own personality into the mix. There is no right or wrong answers when it comes to how you feel. Take into consideration the preferences of your date, or recipient. If they strongly dislike pink, you may not want to arrive with a dozen pink roses. An enchanted single flower or a fabulous arrangement will be equally meaningful. Making this Valentines Day special will be as unique as your relationship. Each couples history has its own tale to tell. The important thing is to be creative and your efforts will be sure to bring a smile to the day.

The meaning of flowers is as special as the day. The essence of variety brings us the opportunity to remember there are many kinds of Love and Caring in our life. A simple carnation to a neighbor or friend can make a difference in their day. Your Valentines Day date may be a new relationship or a celebration of a lifetime of memories. The sparkle in their eye when they see the flower(s) in your hand will set the stage for a beautiful evening.

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