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Amazing DIY Accent Wall Using Flooring

Amazing DIY Accent Wall Using FlooringImage Source

Wood flooring is more than a trend – it’s a classic that is not going away any time soon. Even better, wood flooring from Dallas Flooring Warehouse in The Colony TX, can be used on more than your floors. Yes, you read that right. Wood flooring makes a great accent wall. Here are some ideas to help you add some flair to your home with this useful material.

Why You Need To Use Wood Flooring On The Walls of Your Home

Do you really want to make your house stand out? If so, then this is the best way to do it. Wood does more than look great on a wall. It also adds warmth and texture to a room. This additional dimension makes that part of the room stand out, which is why these are called accent walls. Although you might think that many wooden accent walls add a vintage or farmhouse touch, they actually can work with any type of décor. It all depends on how the wood is stained and textured.

Install It In The Mudroom

Your family’s mudroom works pretty hard. It takes a beating since it houses your frequently worn coats, shoes, and bags. You need walls that work just as hard as the rest of the room. This is where wooden accent walls really shine. All that you need are some leftover flooring planks, some wood glue, and a few nails. Cut the planking to fit, and you’ll have hardworking walls in your newly decorated mudroom. The flooring looks nice and is extremely durable – just what you need here.

Amazing DIY Accent Wall Using FlooringImage Source

Use It As Wainscoting

Wainscoting is a nice touch that really makes a room feel finished. If you want your home to have an airy, beachy vibe, then some wooden wainscoting in your family room is the perfect touch. Since you’re using flooring from Dallas Flooring Warehouse in The Colony TX, which is designed to be splinter-free, you don’t have to worry about any rough, scratchy sections. The original color of the wood doesn’t really matter since it can be restained or painted to match your décor. On top of that, you can get some wood trim that coordinates nicely.

Install It On An Angled Section of Wall

One extremely cool way to include an accent wall is to add wood flooring materials to a section of wall that’s built on an angle. It will really make that portion of your home stand out. For example, if you have an angled wall in a breakfast nook, then adding some leftover wood flooring to it – in a shade and tone that matches the wood in the room – will add just the right touch.

Uses For Dark Wood Flooring

Dark flooring is tricky to use since it’s color tends to soak up all of the energy in a space. However, if you really want a dramatic accent wall, then look no further! In a room filled with white walls and jewel-toned furniture, your dark wood accent wall will look dramatic and romantic. Isn’t that what everyone wants from a room?

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