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3 Mishaps To Avoid Ruining Your Long Beach Destination Wedding


If you live in Long Beach, California, and plan on getting married in the near future, it’s in your best interest to pay attention to what we’re about to share today. A wedding is supposed to be a sacred, special day and it’s often the most important in one’s life. That’s why this special day needs to go off without a hitch. Yet, there are some potential problems that must be avoided.

Learn from the mistakes of the past. We’re going to share some real-life wedding day mishaps you’d want to avoid. We don’t want to see your gorgeous champagne color wedding dress get ruined, right? Plus, we certainly don’t want to see other potential disasters unfold before your eyes.

Let’s take a look at wedding day mishaps everyone should learn from so they are easily avoided.

Photoshoots Near Any Body Of Water Are A Big No No

As enticing as it may seem, having your wedding photos near a pool or a fountain should be avoided. Learn from the mistakes of other brides who chose to ignore this piece of advice.

It was very romantic, the bride and the groom were standing in front of a Cupid statue fountain that released water from the arrow. The picturesque background light reflected beautifully in those water drops as she gazed at the Cupid and he gazed at her. The photographer was so involved into directing the bride and the groom and taking the pictures that he hadn’t noticed the little pipe that provided the water supply to the Cupid’s arrow.

You might already know where the story is going. The carried away photographer tipped over that pipe (which was already cracked a little from previous mishaps) and water started to pour out of it. Thankfully an experienced wedding planner was prepared for such an eventuality (thanks to numerous water faux pas) and had a website of a good plumber handy. Immediate response and fast repair prevented this story from just having a mishap to being completely cancelled due to the flooded venue.

You never know what can happen when you decide to take photos next to water. We haven’t even mentioned the worst case scenario – falling in the pool. You’ve been warned.

Remember To Relieve Yourself Before Heading Down The Altar

Some people get incredibly nervous on their wedding day. If you happen to be one of those people, you must take the time to relieve yourself before entering the church, the gorgeous tropical beach or wherever your plan to say your wedding vows. Otherwise you could end up in an uncomfortable position.

In one case, we’ve read about a groom that was so nervous, he got an upset stomach. You can see that he was in severe distress because he kept grabbing his stomach, bending over in pain, and he had lots of sweat pouring off of his forehead.

To make a long story short, this groom made the mistake of forgetting to relieve himself before the wedding started. Instead of having the best day of his life, he had to run from the altar in shame, fleeing from the altar in search of the nearest bathroom.

Did You Bring The Wedding Rings?

On many occasions, one or both members of the happy couple forget to bring the wedding rings to the ceremony. Make sure those rings are with you at all times, because it could otherwise cause a major problem you’d prefer to avoid.


Please keep these stories in mind as your wedding day approaches. Hopefully we’ve highlighted some worst case scenarios you weren’t prepared for.

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