Take Dry Brushing To The Next Level

Take Dry Brushing To The Next Level

It is common to cleanse and scrub the skin with a washcloth or loofah and a rich foamy lather when bathing. But have you heard about dry brushing? In a nutshell, this skin-pampering regimen involves sweeping the skin with a dry brush to exfoliate and promote a number of other benefits.

Incorporating this simple step into your bathing regimen can make a big difference. It’s incredibly gentle, soothing, and easy to do. In this post we will discuss the history and benefits of dry brushing as well as how to do-it-yourself at home.

Health benefits of dry brushing

Dry brushing has incredible health benefits and is widely recommended by health experts. It detoxifies the body, improves circulation, eliminates dead skin cells, exfoliates the skin, improves skin tone, aids digestion, reduces and prevents cellulite, and increases energy and well-being. In addition, dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps eliminate toxins and pathogens that can cause inflammation and illness.

Dry brushing is said to help stimulate the lymphatic system and enhance the detoxification process. There are about 600 to 700 lymph nodes that are positioned in different parts of the body, some of them near the lungs and heart, while others are close to the surface of the skin, for example near the armpits and groin. These nodes function as filters for the lymph and are where the production and storage of white blood cells occur.

When the lymphatic system fails to function properly, waste and toxins remain trapped in the body, which can make a person sick and vulnerable to diseases. Some severe medical conditions that can affect the lymphatic system include lymphedema, where the lymph nodes are blocked and begin to swell, and lymphoma, which is cancer of the lymph caused by the excess production of lymphocytes.

For those looking to address cellulite, dry brushing can help prevent the formation of cellulite and can help the skin become tighter and increase blood flow and cell renewal. While there are no scientific studies to prove or refute this claim, many find a reduction in the appearance of cellulite when dry brushing on a daily basis.

Dry brushing with the Prana Brush

The health benefits of dry brushing are greatly enhanced through the use of an ionic body brush, which has its origin in ancient Ayurvedic practices. The Prana Brush is made with extra-fine ion-charged copper bristles, which naturally create negative ions that protect your body from free radicals and have numerous other health benefits. In addition, the molecular composition of the brush’s unique bristles encourages the direct and immediate absorption of negative ions into your skin, which increases the benefits of dry brushing, including the speed of detoxification.

How to dry brush

It is recommend to dry brush on a daily basis in order to detoxify the body, eliminate dead skin cells, stimulate the lymph nodes, aid digestion, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Use the brush first thing upon waking up in the morning and before showering or bathing. This is an excellent practice which helps invigorate the body and also ensures that dead skin and toxins are washed away, giving a healthy glow and leaving you refreshed and energized for the rest of your day.

Start brushing rhythmically and with light, smooth, and gentle strokes. Make sure to adjust the speed and pressure in order to match the sensitivity of your skin. Begin by brushing the soles of your feet and then work your way up and inward. It is recommended to direct the strokes towards the heart. This is the direction in which lymph flows in your body, so brushing in this direction (as opposed to brushing in a circular motion or away from your heart) will have the most beneficial effect on your lymphatic system, which is responsible for detoxifying your body, stimulate the nervous system and increase your blood circulation.

In general, it should take 3-5 minutes to brush your body thoroughly. You can use the brush on the entire surface of your body depending on the sensitivity of your skin, although some people prefer to avoid brushing the delicate skin on their face, neck and chest.

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Take Dry Brushing To The Next Level


Prana Brush sells beautiful and unique ayurvedic body brushes. Our ionic body brushes are made with extra-fine ion-charged copper bristles, which naturally create negative ions that protect your body from free radicals and have numerous other health benefits. Our bushes are also handmade with pride by skilled artisans using traditional techniques. To know more about our body brushes, visit our website and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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