Take Your Healthcare Education to the Next Level

Take Your Healthcare Education to the Next Level

2018 is here, and with it has come the greatest upgrades and exciting new medical innovations of our time. Healthcare has actually never been this exciting! In fact, the demand for those with nursing degrees will be so in demand that it is the next best thing to study. We live in the digital age, an age where innovation is outgrowing everything that we thought we knew. Everything is changing and healthcare is at the top of that list.

Great Innovations on the Horizon

Innovations passed by the FDA, like gene therapy for inherited retinal diseases and the exciting motion to pass the Hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery system, which will save the lives of those living with diabetes 1, are life-changing. This is all extremely exciting, but what is even more exciting is the growing number of jobs in healthcare with options to travel to beautiful yet remote locations via the new RMDHP (Remote medical distant health programs).

Your Chance to be Part of the Shift

Duquesne University is rated in one of the top 30 universities in the world to obtain your online doctor of nursing. It is completely online and allows you to study at your own pace. Forbes magazine rated them very highly. If you are looking for a career that is in demand in 2018, and for many years to come, then the most intelligent decision will be to enroll yourself in the completely online DNP or FNP.

The Revolution Has Already Begun

If you have seen Doctors without Borders, then you understand where healthcare is heading. The list is already growing as we look forward to exciting destinations where adequately trained medical staff are needed. Remote areas of exceptional beauty with a rotating staff functionality is on the way in Africa, and through being part of the future of healthcare like this, you will be paid to heal people and travel the world.

Now Is Your Chance

There has never been a more opportune time in the existence of mankind to be part of the medical world. Whether you decide to do your online doctor of nursing now or later in the year, it does not matter. The University has three opening slots within the year, but the spaces fill up so fast due to the high demand for medical staff and the knowledge that being educated in the medical world is one of the smartest decisions to be making today.

It is not only Africa that has become a medical hub demanding healing and distant healthcare staff, India, large parts of Europe and South America have joined the movement as well. There is no end to this technological movement in the medical world, and if you find yourself educated and joining this lucrative rollercoaster, your life will be filled with some of the most exceptional experiences known to man. 2018 is the year to be getting your healthcare education as quickly as you can!



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