The 33 with Antonio Banderas movie review

I watched this movie a few months ago and I have to say, it was quite good.  It was about the 33 Chilean minors that were trapped in a mine for 69 days.  I vaguely remember the story as it happened in real life, but this movie really opened my eyes about the situation and how scary it must have been!

From what I’ve read, the movie is based on a book that all 33 miners wrote (in which they all equally shared any proceeds).  We get to know several of the miners well enough to root for their rescue. One guy was a Bolivian, a foreigner and an Indian, separated by nationality and race and on his first day on the job while another was just about ready to retire!  Others among the miners included an alcoholic who could just barely function, a young new father, a Christian who served as the spiritual hub for the trapped men and their leader who became known as ‘Super’ Mario. Even though we know the outcome, we sit enthralled as they struggle to survive starvation and madness deep beneath the earth.

The cast members, starting with Antonio Banderas as ‘Super’ Mario, the natural leader of the men, do a great job of showing the strain on the trapped miners as human beings in a very tough spot. Many of the cast members are from South America but you might have seen Rodrigo Santoro, a Brizilian actor who played the Chilean Minister of Mines. Besides Bandaras other familier faces include Lou Diamond Philips as a miner and Gabriel Byrne and James Brolin as rescuers. French actress Juliette Binoche plays the sister of a miner and represents the frantic family members of the lost men. You will recognize long time character actor Bob Gunton who plays the president of Chile.

This very well done film that everyone can watch!  Definitely worth a watch!


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