The Accountant movie review

The Accountant movie review

It’s no surprise that I’m a huge Affleck fan…I’ve been one since I was 16.  So of course when a new movie comes out, I have to see it!  This one I was pleasantly surprised in the sense I honestly had no idea what it was about.

In summary, Ben Affleck plays the autistic character who was raised by his Army father and brother who didn’t exactly cater to his disability.  In fact, it more or less seemed like his whole family didn’t know how to deal with it; his mother ended up bailing on the family.  So what did his dad do?  He taught the boys to be self-sufficient and to be there for each other; he also taught them close combat fighting and shooting to “protect” themselves.  However I don’t think he anticipated on how much that would affect their “careers.”

Later, we then find out that Affleck’s character is an accountant for a small store-front accounting firm.  He handles middling tax returns for a farmer, whom in return, allows Affleck’s character to use his land for target shooting where he uses his favorite weapon, the Barrett M82A1M – .50 BMG rifle.  It’s obvious that Affleck’s character is not only whip-smart with math, but we then quickly find out that he is equally good in hand-to-hand combat and advanced weaponry.  However, we all know everyone has secrets, so while he gets involved in cooking the books for unsavory foreigners in return for cash and other valuables, he occasionally gets a legitimate gig which now includes a high end robotic manufacturer.

I know it seems like this movie is all over the place, but without giving too much away, just know that you should definitely pay attention to the little things!  :)  It’s definitely a recommend, but it’s not by any means a kids movie.  :)


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