The Best of Me movie review

The Best of Me

The Best of Me movie review

I was able to catch The Best of Me movie over the weekend and I must say, going into it I had mix feelings about it.  I had read the book, obviously, and loved it.  When I heard they were going to make this into a movie, I could not have been more excited.  Then when I heard that Paul Walker was supposed to be the lead role, I immediately thought it was a perfect casting.  Well, we all know what happened with Paul Walker and the role had to be recast; it was given to James Marsden.  For whatever reason, I didn’t feel like he would have been good for the part.  I still saw him as Lon from The Notebook…so it just didn’t seem right that he would play Dawson from The Best of Me.  However, I may have changed my mind…

Obviously The Best is Me is another wonderful story from Nicholas Sparks.  It centers around Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole whom are high-school sweethearts that were forced to go their separate ways after a dramatic event.  Fast forward twenty years later, Amanda and Dawson return to their hometown for the funeral of the man who supported their high-school romance and was practically a father to Dawson.

This movie goes back and forth from Amanda and Dawson’s high school days to present time where time has past so much that while they have become two different people, living two different lives…when they’re together, they’re still Amanda and Dawson.  They both have been through so much in their lives and it doesn’t matter because the one person they can be themselves around, is each other.

The Best of Me will definitely pull at your heartstrings…but it’s definitely worth seeing.  :)


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