The Secret behind the Distinctive Taste of Irish Coffee

The Secret behind the Distinctive Taste of Irish Coffee

The Irish coffee is a drink perfect for coffee lovers who like it unique and takes you to the edge. This particular coffee does not only contain hot coffee and sugar. It also has whipped cream and Irish whiskey. If you are wondering how to make this wonderfully unique coffee, you can try this Irish coffee and cream recipe.

A Brief History

Irishman Joseph Sheridan invented the coffee in the winter of 1942. Sheridan created the original blend of Irish coffee to “soothe and revive the spirit”. It was 1952 when the recipe debuted at Buena Vista. Its debut came to be when Buena Vista’s owner, Jack Koeppler as well as travel writer Stanton Delaplane wanted to create the Irish brew.

Delaplane said he wanted to recreate the distinctive Irish brew he enjoyed at Ireland Shannon Airport. Since then, thousands already got a taste of the same recipe whenever they grace the bar. Over the past years, more and more people acquired a love for the unique taste. If you get a taste of this particular liquor coffee, you are sure to want to find out more about the secrets behind Irish coffee and probably how make one yourself.

How to Make an Irish Coffee

The popularity behind the Irish coffee stems from its ingredients. The perfect blend of coffee, sugar, whipped cream and Irish whiskey creates its unique taste that gives a pleasure kick. While you probably cannot make one as good as Buena Vista’s, it would be nice to know how to make an Irish coffee.


Some coffee drinkers don’t take sugar in their brew but in Irish coffee, sugar is important. It is essential not just for giving flavor but also for the cream to float properly. As such, if you decide to make your own brew you should not let yourself to cut back from sugar. The original brew used brown sugar, which is what most recipes favor.


A vital part of the coffee, getting the cream to float on top is quite tricky. Most creators of Irish coffee take a good while before they can master it. A great tip involves ensuring that the coffee is close to boiling hot and the cream icy cold. More importantly, you should not whip the cream too fast as it tends with such a small amount you need to apply in Irish coffees.


When adding the whiskey into the coffee, most people stir the alcohol alone. On the other hand, some adds it to the sugar pan, burns the alcohol off, stir in baileys and other extra ingredients to make syrup out of booze. The latter method, however, loses whiskey’s punch that most Irish coffee drinkers are looking for.

For the perfect Irish coffee, you can also add nutmeg on top of the brew. Some people would argue what a fine creation this brew is. Either you like it or loathe it, but if you enjoy anything Irish or wants to try something unique in contrast to your usual hot drink, this certainly is a perfect try.


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