The Ultimate Guide On Caring For Your Skin and Beard

The Ultimate Guide On Caring For Your Skin and Beard

Now you’ve grown the much-anticipated beard, do you know that there are a lot of elements that go into styling an attractive beard and maintaining it?

There are a lot of ways to take good care of your beard. It’s not just the sculpting and trimming aspect, you really need to keep your beard clean.

Beard Maintenance

You need to regularly wash your beard the same way you wash the hair you have on your head.

Make use of a beard wash or a mild shampoo to purify your beard.

After cleansing your beard, use HiLee beard oil and balm to soften your beard.

Vital tips to keep in mind if you want to grow and maintain an attractive beard.

Quit the Shaving

If your intention is to grow your beard, allow your beard to grow to a reasonable size before trimming or shaping it. Frequently shaving your beard will in no way make it grow thicker or faster.

This will only ruin your beard growing progression. Another big mistake most rookies make is to trim their beard too early. If you want to keep a short beard, it makes more sense to allow it grow some inches long before you trim it, as compared to shaving it as it grows.

If you lack patience, you may take out more than necessary and it might take weeks or months to fix. However, if you do find your needing to succumb and to shave check out this article for useful tips on how to best shave.

Beard Balm and Oil

When your beard grows to a certain length, the use of a beard balm can assist in maintaining a certain shape.

Making use of beard oil is an essential way of keeping your beard nice and soft. It will make it look nice and radiant for the ladies and also get rid of beard itch.

Get Over the Itchiness

After shaving, the skin on your chin, upper lip and cheeks, will feel smooth and nice. Weeks later, short spiky hairs will start to grow and itching will begin, thus making most men to want to shave.

If your beards itches you, don’t give in to the temptation, the itching is just a momentary after effect of shaving. Applying a moisturizing lotion can assist in taking care of the discomfort caused by the itch. As your beard grows bigger, your facial skin will become modified.

Get adequate sleep and avoid stress

Research and studies have shown that inadequate sleep and stress can affect the regular function of the body, which includes hair growth. If you want to grow your beard, try to get enough sleep and stay away from stressful situations.

The thing about growing a long beard is that it allows you to try out different looks. You can decide to wear a wild long goatee or a full beard or go for clean-shaven cheeks and sides.

Asides the trimming aspect, it’s very important to keep your beard clean. If your beard is long, food and dust particles can effortlessly get stuck in the hair. Since this is unhygienic, you will need to concentrate on maintaining and cleaning your beard as shown here.

Lastly bear in mind that, it takes time for beards to grow, you need to be patient. Once it finally grows to a reasonable length, you can now shape it. Get in touch with a professional barber to style your beards.

It is much easier to take care of your beard at home once it’s been styled or shaped professionally.

Eat Healthy Food

By eating healthy food, you’re helping your beard to grow quickly. Studies have revealed that some nutrients assist in promoting a healthy development of hair. Biotin for example, is a B complex vitamin responsible for enhancing hair growth. If you wish to quickly grow a beard, consume food that’s rich in Biotin.


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