Three Main Things to Consider When Buying a Wood-Fired Oven

Three Main Things to Consider When Buying a Wood-Fired Oven

Three Main Things to Consider When Buying a Wood-Fired Oven

If you are considering getting an outdoor wood-fired oven for your home or company, there are probably plenty of things that you are already aware of, such as the way the sight, smell and gentle warmth of the fire creates the perfect atmosphere or how the wood-fired aroma can fill your senses, or the pure excitement that comes with cooking on an open fire. However, one of the main things that people struggle with when choosing a wood-fired oven for their home or company is finding the perfect match. With that in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you find the perfect outdoor oven for you.


Chances are that you see purchasing a wood-fired outdoor oven for your home or business as a long-term investment, so you won’t be expecting to move locations anytime soon. If this is the case with you, the first thing that you will need to take into consideration is finding an oven which suits the architectural design of your home or company and fits in well with the current surroundings. On the other hand, if you’re not sure if you’re settled in your current place or expect to have to move around a lot, this doesn’t mean that you can’t invest in a wood-fired oven as there are many models to choose from which have the capacity to move around with you. See for more information.


When choosing a wood-fired oven to use outdoors in your home or business, it cannot be stressed enough how important your choice of material is. The material that your wood-fired oven is made from will determine not only how efficient it is, but also how long it lasts you, therefore it’s important to put a lot of consideration into the material that you choose. Organic Terre Blanche, or simply white clay, is an excellent choice of material as it is often more durable than other popular materials such as terracotta, cold cast refractory concrete or dense firebrick, offering a faster warm-up time and incomparable thermal properties.


The design that you choose for the core of your wood-fired oven is almost as important as your choice of material. When picking the perfect design for your needs, it’s important to ensure that you dedicate plenty of time to researching your options before making a final decision. One common mistake that many people make when choosing a design for a wood-fired oven is to go with an option that may be less expensive than others as it’s smaller, but this means that it is lacking in both mass and capability when it comes to absorbing and retaining the amount of heat necessary to cook your food both efficiently and evenly.

A wood-fired oven can be an excellent addition to any home, and it can also provide a unique feature for a catering or similar type of business, such as a restaurant. But, in order to ensure that you choose the perfect wood-fired oven for your needs, it’s vital to take all these features into consideration before you decide.


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