Top Christmas crafts to try with your kids

Top Christmas crafts to try with your kids

Long, dark afternoons, poor weather conditions and Christmas vacations that appear endless, it can be tough planning ideas and events to keep your little ones busy during the festive season. Not to mention, any outings and excursions can soon become expensive and have a huge impact on your Christmas budget too. So why not make a change to your festive plans this year, by getting your kids involved in all areas of decorating your home. From creating cards and decorations, to helping you get your family room ready, keep these ideas in mind if you want to plan a holistic and homely Christmas period this year.

Get crafty

Kids love getting their hands dirty and getting creative and crafty. Plus, the great thing about making your own Christmas cards, paper and gifts is that it will save you both time and money too – as you no longer need to splurge on shop bought cards and paper. Visit your local dollar store to stock up on all the materials that you need, and then however you want to decorate is up to you! From old buttons and wrappers, to cutting designs out of rubber, or even vegetables, let your kids be as creative and original as they like. If you have lots of old magazines and images to hand, then why not consider creating collages too – you could even cut up old family photos, meaning that you can give your Mom or Grandma a wonderful surprise from the grandkids.

Get baking

There’s nothing better than getting baking and messy in the kitchen. Grab your flour, butter, sugar and eggs and don your apron – it’s time to enjoy spending time with your kids while you make some delicious Christmas cookies and recipes for your entire family to enjoy. If you are stuck for gift ideas, then consider baking your own cookies – which you could even pack up in your homemade paper too.  If you have family members that are coeliac or have dietary requirements, then you will need to keep some alternative flour or vegan ingredients to hand, just in case. Do be careful if you are baking with younger children, hot ovens and sharp knives all pose a risk. Be sure that you keep your kids supervised at all times.

Enjoy your hard work

Now you’ve been getting arty and creative, you can sit back and relax while sharing and enjoying your recently baked goods. You could also reward your kids for all their hard work, by giving them some new clothes to say thank you such as Nickis Moncler jacket kids, to ensure they are wrapped up warm when delivering your homemade presents to neighbors, friends and family.

Finally, take time to slow down and relax with your little ones. Be sure to keep some treats aside for the big day itself as your children will love explaining their creative process. If your Christmas DIY has been successful, then you may even want to make your arts and crafts and time in the kitchen a regular event.


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