Top Four Tips that Will Help Sell Your Minneapolis-Based Home Faster

Top Four Tips that Will Help Sell Your Minneapolis-Based Home Faster

The real estate market in Minneapolis is both exciting and fickle to enter. Buyers and sellers are constantly trying to do their best to make sure they get the best deal, and ensure they are in the home of their dreams. If you’re in the process of getting your home ready to list, and you want to make absolute certain it not only sells fast but also for top dollar, then there are some steps you can take to help ensure that happens.

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Here are four simple tips that can make the process of selling your home smooth and lucrative.

Contact a Real Estate Agent Far in Advance

All too often people either assume they can sell their home on their own, through a private sale, or they wait until the last minute to bring in a real estate listing agent. By doing this you won’t have the full advantage of their expertise and experience in the industry. The moment you start to think about listing your house for sale is the moment you will want to contact an agent. They can come out to your house, assess it, provide you with a value, and offer you tips on how you can help to make the home more attractive to buyers.

A real estate agent is aware of what’s selling and what’s not moving in the area, and can help steer you in the right direction. By using an agent, such as Edina Real Estate, they will be working on your behalf to get your home noticed and sold.

Clear Out the Clutter

As people walk through your home they want to feel it is spacious and that it will hold all their contents. One of the best ways to encourage this feeling is to remove all the clutter in your home. Experts even suggest emptying closets so they are only half full. What this does is give the illusion of space, which buyers can’t get enough of.

Clutter can all be boxed up and either stored at a family or friend’s house, or in a storage unit until you are in your new place.

Don’t Go Crazy with the Upgrades

While you may think you need to make a number of expensive and big upgrades to your home in order to sell it, this isn’t necessarily true. Usually it’s better to make small cosmetic upgrades that leave the house feeling fresh, tidy, and bright. A fresh coat of paint, new curtains, and a few new light fixtures can do wonders for a house. It’s also a lot cheaper than gutting a full kitchen or multiple bathrooms.

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Homeowners often spend a lot of time and focus on the interior of the home, when it fact curb appeal is usually what brings potential buyers in. Put a little effort into tidying up the exterior and making sure it looks neat and attractive.

Prepare for the House to Sell

These expert tips are not only easy to follow but will help to sell your house that much faster and get you top dollar.


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