Top Safety Tips to Have in Mind for Your Next Flight

Top Safety Tips to Have in Mind for Your Next Flight

Have you ever asked yourself if you can survive during an airline emergency? But luckily for you, this should be of very little concern, because the airlines have reached unprecedented heights when it comes to handling emergencies. However, your security is still paramount and you must always be conscious of how to stay safe while you are at the airport. Of course, there are protocols designed to help everyone around the airport stay safe but there are few measures worth taking just to be a little bit more cautiousabout your security. Otherwise, it would be a sad thing to hassle for renew my passport only for something nasty to happen to you at the airport, even before taking your flight. Here are a few tips for your:

Top Safety Tips to Have in Mind for Your Next Flight

Always dress and sensibly

The recommended clothes you should be wearing in a plane should be the ones made of breathable material such as cotton and wool blends.  This is because materials are flame retardant and that’s why they are being used to make aircraft seats worldwide. The clothes you choose to wear should be comfortable enough so that you can move quickly but at the same time they should also protect your skin from scratches bruises or bands should there be an emergency.

For ladies, though it may be tempting to put on skirt and stockings, jeans are always preferred at any time. When it comes to shoes, again, in as much as you may be in love with your heels, you can use them in any other place and in any setup, but never on a plane when flying.

Prepare a run kit

By preparing a running kit, it is not guaranteed that is going to be an emergency. However, it’s better to be prepared than to be caught flat-footed. Running kit should be a bag that contains most your most travel essentials. These include items like wallet, passport, money, list of emergency numbers, credit cards, phone numbers and any other item you cannot afford to lose during the trip. Most ideal travel kit you can think about is your wallet which should then be kept in a jacket at all times. A wallet is versatile, and you can always feel it, and during an emergency, you don’t have to worry about carrying it because it’s always with you.

You should also know that in case of an emergency when the flight attendants are shouting the lungs out for everybody to get out, you always have about 90 seconds to get to safety. This is not the time to start picking your carrying bag.  Just pick your running kit and save your life.

Top Safety Tips to Have in Mind for Your Next Flight

Mind your gadgets

Most people like traveling with a lot of electronic devices, but sometimes it’s not necessary.  For those going on a business trip, it may seem impossible to travel without a laptop, but it’s really possible – sometimes it is just an extra luggage you don’t have to tag along. A good idea would be to back up your most important documents on an external hard drive or in the cloud so that you can access them from whichever place you are in. In this manner, you avoid the need to carry a laptop, though you will still have access to the documents you need for the trip. Is not just for convenience but also for safety purposes.

Always pay attention to the safety videos

There’s a reason why airlines have safety videos for passengers to watch whenever they board a plane.  Kindly note that such videos are not part of the in-flight entertainment and it’s imperative that you pay close attention to them. Even if you think you’ve heard the instructions a million times and you don’t have to continue listening or watching them, it is important to still watch them. Though the safety protocols may be the same, different planes will come with different exits and you cannot be sure that you will always know where the exit is located in every plane you fly. Also of equal importance is that you should read the picture card present in the seat pocket. This card will give you the most relevant information you will need during an emergency.

Top Safety Tips to Have in Mind for Your Next Flight

Be aware of your surrounding

If you’re thinking of planning your highly unlikely escape in advance, then it’s imperative you know your surroundings. By your surroundings, we are referring to the plane you are traveling in. You should be aware of the locations of the exits and also know how many seats are between you and the exits. In the event that you have to crawl in the dark during an emergency,you will have higher chances of locating the exits if you have an idea of where they are than when you are just trying to locate them blind.

Top Safety Tips to Have in Mind for Your Next Flight

Put on the oxygen mask on yourself first, then help others

Whenever there is an aircraft emergency, there is always very little time to react and your first action should always to save your life. When the oxygen masks fall, don’t be too philanthropic to help your neighbor put theirs on before you put yours on. Always be sure to put us on first then help your neighbor, otherwise, you may be cut off the air before yours is in place.

It is only your life you can’t afford to lose

Finally, you must always have in mind that it’s only your life you can’t afford to lose during aircraft emergencies. If the situation comes and you have to leave in a hurry, don’t bother picking any other thing. Anything you may lose during such an emergency can always be regained later on in life, but you have just one chance to stay alive. Therefore, don’t worry about picking your bags, helping a neighbor or trying to be the superhero during the incidents. Do the honorable thing of getting to safety first, then let the first responders deal with the rest. Yes, it sounds harsh, and a bit inhuman, but that is the way you survive during aircraft emergencies


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