Tips for Traveling Abroad For Less

Tips for Traveling Abroad For Less

Wanderlust is a very contagious thing but the high expenses of traveling of the world often get in the way of people executing their desires. That being said, there are ways to travel and see the world without having to sell your kidneys to fund it. Here are 5 ways to travel affordably.

Volunteer Abroad

Traveling for longer periods affordably can be difficult, occupying days doing new and exciting stuff without breaking the bank. Volunteering abroad is a great way of traveling, meet amazing people whilst giving back to the community.

Not all volunteer-sending organizations are expensive. Affordable volunteering organizations do exist and can cost as little as $10 a week for volunteering, support team and accommodation.

Alternatively, organize volunteering yourself, there are many hosts who will provide food and accommodation for a few hours of work a day.
Many volunteers will also fundraise for their trips, both locally and online and put this towards flights and project fees.

House Sit

Free accommodation is a hard thing to find, housesit for people who offer free accommodation in return for watching their house, watering their plants and looking after their pets. This also allows you to cook for yourself in a fully functioning kitchen, saving money daily as there is no need to eat out at cafes and restaurants every day.

Staying in a residential area rather than staying in a city center allows the chance to see a different side of the country, with more independent places to visit. Whereas in the city or town center shops and restaurants can more commercial and touristy.

Fly Around Asia

Asia is full of affordable countries. A hostel and food for the night can be as little as $5! Longer stay travelers will want to choose an affordable country to stay in as food and accommodation can quickly add up.

This is probably the best place to visit multiple countries. Budget airlines in Asia are increasing in popularity, everyone flies to their destination. Crowded and sweaty overnight buses are a thing of the past. Flexible plans and checking online often for the best deals will allow you to get the cheapest flights. You’ll be surprised where you end up!

Let the Flights Decide Your Travels

For shorter lengths of travel, don’t worry about the expense of the destination, if flights are next to nothing.
Use the ‘Everywhere’ tool on a website search engine like skyscanner. Choose the departure locations and dates, and it brings up all of the available flights in price order lowest to highest.

Similarly, be flexible with dates rather than destination. also has a ‘Cheapest Month’ option. Some destinations may seem expensive and way out of budget, however, there may be cheap flights for a particular time of the year.

Stay with Friends

Defy everything that parents told us as children and talk to strangers on the internet, it is easy to make long-distant friendships with amazing people from all over the world. Whilst traveling they are often keen to meet up in person and put you up for your stay.

If you don’t have any friends, there are still ways to sleep in spare rooms and couches of kind people abroad without breaking into their homes. Websites such as allow you to meet people who have spare rooms you can stay in, they sometimes feed their guests as well, making traveling even more affordable.
Make sure to tell people at home the address the accommodation and keep in touch often to be safe.


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