Two By Two by Nicholas Sparks book review

Two By Two by Nicholas Sparks book review

Two By Two by Nicholas Sparks book review

I always get so excited when a new Sparks book hits the shelves!  I’ve been a HUGE fan for as long as I can remember and there hasn’t been a book that I didn’t enjoy.  Maybe some I like more than others, but never a book that I just didn’t like.  This book in particular didn’t get the reviews that I thought it would and in all honesty, I have no idea why.  It was actually a really quick read for me because I love it so much and can really see it becoming a movie…with the right actors of course.

Two by Two is a moving story that tells of the happiness, struggles, heartbreaks, and triumph of a man named Russ who’s marriage, among other things in his life, slowly starts to unraveled. It is a story of love, hurt, family, courage and healing. It is a story that will make you laugh and cry…and believe me, the last 20% of the book, I shed so many tears!  :)  Russ is the narrator who is an advertising executive who hadn’t given much thought about having a child when his wife Vivian broke the news, but when London was born, his whole life changed in ways he never imagined.  He thought he had the perfect family where everyone was happy and content, but little did he know, his wife Vivian, would not be the person he thought she was.  Slowly but surely Russell’s professional life becomes hard and challenging as he quits his job to start his own business in which his wife, Vivian, then decides to return to work which would allow them to slowly but surely drift apart. With his wife working, Russell took charge of their daughter, London, showering her with his attention, affection, and love. When the inevitable happened in his marriage, though not unexpected, Russell was shattered and broken, but that’s not the only thing that falls apart in his life…

I felt like I could relate to this story in a variety of ways and just loved Russ’ character.  I felt for him, loved him, and wanted the best for him.  If you’re a Sparks fan, give this book a chance.  To me, it was a quick read; I literally read it in a about a week’s time and could not put it down!!


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  • Thanks so much for the book review and recommendation! I love good romance stories and Nicholas Sparks definitely writes a lot of them. :) I’m like you–I need to really fall in love with the characters and root for them all the way to the end. Good post!

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