Types Of Catering Packaging

Food packaging for catering purpose is an integral part of the industry. Catering packaging includes all those products which are needed for packing food products for any party, for office luncheons, get-togethers and similar occasions. Catering packaging has evolved tremendously in the last few years with the development of the food packaging industry as a whole. Innovative technologies and creativity in the industry has brought about an evolution in the packaging industry.

In case of catering packaging, a number of specialized products are developed which help in packaging a variety of food products for varied purposes. Special care is taken to ensure that the packages look elegant, they are easy to use and are made using the best quality material. In several cases, sealed packages are primarily used so that the product stays in the best condition.

Types Of Catering Packaging

Food Trays:

Food trays have multiple uses in parties and special events. You must have come across a wide assortment of cheese or meat on display – have you ever checked the tray in which they are all so well arranged? Special food trays in different sizes are available which are used as cheese platter, fruits platter and even meat platter. These trays are also used for serving desserts to guests. These trays are light-weight and easy to carry. They are an integral part of catering packaging and can be bought in a number of sizes and shapes.

Types Of Catering Packaging

Food Containers:

Food containers are used by almost all catering services. These containers are made with premium quality food grade material which makes them odor-free and leak free. They are usually light weight, and available in different sizes and shapes for any type of needs. Food containers are often used to stack cookies, chips, candies and more. They are given a transparent look so that you can easily have a look at the ingredients which are packaged inside. These containers are available with or without a lid. They keep the food safe from environmental damage.

Types Of Catering Packaging

Shaker Cups:

These are small sized cups with a transparent lid, designed for preparing milk shakes or other drinks which need some kind of shaking. These are generally used to serve cold. All you need to do is pour the ingredients in the cup and tighten its light and shake vigorously. In a few minutes your drink shall be ready, just as you have in your favorite restaurant. Shaker cups are commonly used in get-togethers and parties. You can also hand over your guests, their cup and they will love to prepare their drink too. The lid offers support and keeps the drink fresh and tasty.

Food Pots or Containers:

Pots are also an important part of catering packaging. These are usually available in a cylindrical shape and for storing different volumes of food, these specially made containers and pots are easy to carry and can be sealed well. These can be used for storing different types of snacks which require air-tight packaging to keep them in good condition. These pots and food containers are ideal for storing chips, crackers, nuts and cookies.

Other common type of catering packages includes champagne glasses, serving plates, round pots, jars,  fine bowls and decorative ice-cream bowls among different other products. Special care is taken to ensure that the material used in manufacturing these are safe and will not harm the food stored inside.


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