DIY Votive Candles tutorial

Votive Candles Tutorial

Here’s a cute little Votive Candles Tutorial that I made for my sister’s Bridal Shower!  They were TOTALLY easy and ended up being SUPER cute!  :)  I saw the idea on Pinterest and I just ran with it!  We put a couple of these on every table, including the gifts table and I think they really brightened up the decor!  :)


  • Glass Votive Candle holder
  • paper doilies
  • battery operated votive candle
  • hot glue gun

The cheapest place I found the glass votive Candle holders, was at Hobby Lobby.  They had backs of  10 at a fairly reasonable price.  This is also where I bought the battery operated votive candles and the paper doilies.

Votive Candles Tutorial

Like I said, there’s not much to this nifty craft.  Just cut the doilies to fit right at the bottom of the candle holder (they will wrap all the way around).  We could get two strips out of the doilies that we bought, so that was enough for two candle holders.

Votive Candles Tutorial

Then all you do is place a small glue dot on the glass, attach the doily and wrap it around the candle.  Attach the other end with another glue dot on the same area as the first one.

Votive Candles Tutorial


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