Weed Control Facts: Winning the Battle of the Weeds

Weed Control Facts: Winning the Battle of the Weeds

It is very rare that you’ll want weeds in your garden and yet they are the one plant that seems to grow no matter how bad the weather or soil is.

This is why it is so important to develop a weed control strategy which works. But, to do this you need to know your weed control facts, this will help to ensure you win the battle of the weeds.

How Weeds Appear

Weeds can arrive in your garden as seeds; these are easily transported by the wind, birds and a variety of insects. It’s hard to stop them from coming into your garden!

The other way in which weeds develop and spread is when they are already in your garden and reproduce from their roots. These create new shoots which appear near the parent plant and then repeat the process. This type of weed will spread relatively quickly across the floor and is harder to deal with.

How Weeds Survive

Weeds may be a nuisance but they still need the same things as plants to survive. That’s food, water and sunlight. One way to kill off the weeds is to deprive them of one of these ingredients. Of course it is very difficult to control nutrition in the soil or the amount of rain that will fall.

However, you can do something about the sunlight.

How To Deprive Your Weeds Of Sunlight

The simplest way to remove sunlight is to cover the ground with a dark fabric or specifically designed weed control material.

Of course, this is not a practical approach if you have weeds on your lawn. But it does work on your flower beds and walkways. The fabric should be put down before the path is laid. Mulch or bark can be used around existing plants; both will prevent weeds from getting sunlight and help to keep them at bay.

Weeds On The Garden

It is possible to purchase weed control powder for your garden which encourages grass growth and discourages weeds. This is a good idea and one of the only practical solutions when dealing with a large lawn. You can then read this article to get the right mower to keep your grass looking great.

Weed Killers

It is possible to spray weeds with a chemical compound that kills them. However, this is likely to kill your plants as well. You may also be concerned about the effect that weed killers have on the environment.

An organic weed killer is a viable option when trying to clear a large patch of ground and there are no other plants to concern yourself with.

Preparing The Soil Before You Plant

One of the best ways to prevent weed growth is simply to remove every weed you can see by digging round them and removing them from the root. They can’t grow or spread without a root!

If you adopt this approach it is best to repeat the process after 3 or 4 days and then repeat again; this will help to ensure all the weeds have gone.

They will return as airborne seeds but staying vigilant and removing as soon as you see them will help you to win the battle; even if the war never ends.


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