Why Sending Your Child To School Early Is Good For Them

Why Sending Your Child To School Early Is Good For Them

Often, working parents worry about the amount of time their child has to spend in a preschool or day care centre, perhaps thinking of it as abandonment. But, should we really be stuck to our little ones, joined at the hip until it is time for the child to go to school?

Children and their families do differ, but answer is no, we don’t need to be stuck to them like glue. Just as long as you find a reputable and trustworthy centre for child care in Brisbane CBD, the incredible benefits of enrolling your child into a centre tend to outweigh any negative ideas you have about leaving your little one in professional care during the day. After all, a professional childcare centre will have a positive reputation, so be sure to do your homework, and ask the right questions, and you are bound to be happy with your choice.

What’s more, mixing your child with others of their own age and sending them to a preschool with trained teachers and specialised resources allow little ones to develop the necessary skills they need to for school. They will learn how to be independent, how to socialise, hot to share, and they will build all-important resilience.

Let’s explore what early education can offer your child.

Somewhere Safe While You Work

Independence, confidence, and self-esteem can be nurtured by allowing your child to explore the world around them and make some all-important discoveries for themselves. Early learning centres create fool-proof environments and settings for all these things – it’s somewhere your child can feel free and will be safe during the day.

Children Learn Self-Regulation

Early learning centres encourage your little one to self-regulate his or her behaviour and to practice patients. Often, in such a setting, your child isn’t the centre of attention like they could be at home, which is a good thing since it teaches them to wait and turn to help others cooperate – especially if it means they will get their turn a little quicker.

Learning Decision Making Skills

When children are able to make decisions for themselves, they also learn self-trust and self-worth, and they get to develop problem solving skills. Childcare centres ensure that children must make decisions for each and every activity they participate in, which is an important part of their development.

Learning the Meaning of Roles

Often, teachers will assign roles to children, whether they are a teacher’s helper, a storyteller, put on tidy-up duty, or even handing out materials – whatever it may be, the roles promote positivity, pride, and self-importance.

Love, Support, and Positive Affirmation

All these things are healthy for children to learn from non-family members. Children who are able to establish positive attachments with their friends from early on, and their teachers, are bound to be more confident and have a positive self-image.

Learning Empathy

Early learning centres help children with empathy development. Helping other people helps them to feel more empowered and in turn they can form positive associations with doing good things for other people.

All of these positive traits help to build resilience in children so that they grow up to be independent adults.


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