Wooden Coffee Mug Rack

Wooden Coffee Mug Rack

Wooden Coffee Mug Rack

This was something my dad had made for my sister!  Isn’t it cute?!  I totally love how it turned out!

You’ve probably seen these all over Pinterest lately because I’m pretty sure they’re a big deal right now.  However, what Pinterest tries to tell you is to use skids to make this…well…I can say that skids do not work in this situation.  You literally will have to cut 2×4’s yourself.  The skids didn’t seem sturdy enough and honestly, we couldn’t find one small enough.  When we did find a small enough one, it was SO heavy that he was worried it may fall off the wall and hurt one of his twin granddaughters!

Basically what he did was cut 2×4’s into about 2 food pieces and braced them all together.  There’s even a wood baseboard on the back to allow for better hanging…and frankly, a sturdier hanging arrangement.

Then we bought those “coat” hooks at your hardware store and screwed them on in placements where mugs would not hit each other when hanging.  :)

Lastly, mom and I cut out some stenciled letters, taped them together and she rustically painted the word coffee on top.  :)

This whole project probably took all of 2 hours to do if you have all the tools and supplies needed.  :)


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