Your Homemade Skills to Transfer Back to Work

Your Homemade Skills to Transfer Back to Work

When you return to work from being a stay at home parent, it can be a daunting time. You will be worried about whether your skills that you once had are still relevant in the workplace. Try not to worry too much though: your skills will soon be up to speed as they are reawakened, and you will be bringing new skills to the table that you have developed at home without evening noticing!

Research has shown why parents that rejoin the workforce after an extended break are more productive and well-rounded employees. While productivity of employees with very young children takes an understandable dip, once the children are older their productivity sky rockets because they’ve learned to maximize their time and efficiency. Here are 4 skills that you can transfer from home to business.

Problem solving

Your day at home is spent problem-solving. You have to assess every situation and seek a solution. You have to monitor and assess and take corrective measures. Whether it’s your child’s behavior that needs modifying or the utility bills that you need to think of how to reduce – your critical thinking allows you to solve the problem. You know the cuts you need to make to be more economical and efficient, and will be able to share with a business your tips, have they even thought to compare business insurance prices? Probably not, and that can be your first suggestion!

Decision making

As a caregiver, you consistently have to make decisions. You think on your feet and can consider the outcomes and benefits of your actions within a moment. Your judgment is based on reading the current situation and deciding the best course of action for the long term. If you give your nagging child candy this time, they will soon learn that nagging is the way to get more candy – your ability to stand by your decision allows you to reap the long-term benefits.


There is no doubt that as a caregiver you will now be top of the league for multitasking. You can juggle numerous balls while wearing many different hats. An average day can take you through a selection of roles: maintenance worker when you climb a ladder clearing the guttering, teacher as you help the kids with homework, chef as you prepare the meals, and vet as you tend to your injured pet. Plus, this is all done on top of the household chores.


You will have finely tuned your communication skills. You will have to have talked with people that you ordinarily may not choose to talk to. There is nothing like a play group to force you to communicate with people when the only thing you have in common is that you both have a child. Your listening skills and the ability to comprehend what is being said will make you socially perceptive. If you can negotiate a 3-year-old into tidying their toys away, you can negotiate with anyone! Your powers of persuasion must not be underestimated and will be an asset to any business.


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